From the moment your guests enter the room, they will be drawn into the energized atmosphere and become immeresed in the moment,which creates memories that will last a lifetime.




This day is one of the most significant days of your life. It's crucial to select an entertainment company that appreciates the weight of the moment, one that will be flexible and respect and uphold every request.


Marc Bauman Events goes above and beyond to ensure your dreams come true, we are a full time, professional entertainment company. Over the last 20 years, our professionals have provided music and motivation at thousands of the finest weddings.


The benefit to our clients results from our professionalism and experience. Meet with us and we will show you that your event is our top priority – no exceptions. From the moment your guests enter the room, they will be energized and will be a part of memories that will last a lifetime. Each event is unique as we customize a package designed around your needs, wishes and budgetary considerations. Spectacular intelligent lighting, plasma and projection screens, color kinetics, live musicians, live ceremony and cocktail alternatives. All options are available.

Youth Events

Providing entertainment for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Sweet 16’s can be a very tricky business. Teen’s tastes run very specific at that age. At Marc Bauman Events, we are in touch with what today's teens enjoy listening to, as well as what will keep the event flowing throughout the night.


As a full service production company featuring the industry's top Long Island DJs and Emcees, innovative lighting, state-of-the-art multi-media, dance floors, dancers, live musicians, lounge design services, photo booth rental and more, we're here to provide custom solutions for all of your entertainment needs.



Corporate events vary in size, purpose, and mood. Many organizations hold annual banquets, oftentimes during the holiday seasons. Company sponsored bashes that include food, drinks, and dancing serve as holiday gifts to employees. Other Corporate Events are designed to improve worker performance. Companies hold team building and sales seminars that are both educational and fun. Moreover, businesses celebrate employee and team achievements by throwing parties. Nothing builds morale like treating high-performing workers to excellent food, drinks, and entertainment.


Different corporate events call for varying

atmospheres. Sometimes, business leaders 

want events to remain professional and company-oriented. While senior managers want people to enjoy themselves, they still want people to recognize certain events as being work-related. Other festivities have the opposite purpose. Sometimes it's healthy and productive for employees to forget about work for a few hours and have fun together. From local golf tournaments to international sales meetings, events require deft handling of both practical and creative details. Done well, an event has the power to improve your image and live on in each guest's memory for years to come. Our goal at Marc Bauman Entertainment is to make a great event experience for you from start to finish. .

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